We are a new industry in your community and we know that means we need to work hard to make sure our project brings as many benefits as possible.

As a new business in your community we want to make sure we bring as many benefits as possible to everyone in the local area. We hope we are already bringing many benefits to Discovery Park, Kent’s leading science park as we are supplying them and their tenants with a sustainable source of clean, green electricity, with any surplus being sent through the local electricity network for everyone to use.

  • We are also providing steam to Discovery Park which they use to heat the buildings and any other uses the tenants of the Park may have.
  • At the height of our construction period we had over 400 people working on site at our power plant, a local recruitment company also supplied additional labour services throughout the project, many of whom were employed from the local area.
  • The regional economy has benefited from the construction phase as we spent money locally on things like catering, office supplies, taxis and accommodation.
  • We have also brought as much of our construction materials locally as we can, including things like pipes and concrete.
  • Our Operations and Maintenance team has recruited 26 people locally, with many from within 10 miles of the plant, providing sustainable, long term job security and demonstrating the real quality of local skills, knowledge and work ethic. All this activity has other knock-on effects as our team makes use of local services – all of which supports the local economy. We are also providing economic opportunities for woodland management in the area, providing secure markets which woodland business can rely on making them more likely to invest in their own companies, employing more people and using more local services.

We are also committed to working with local schools, businesses and community groups that have an interest in what we are doing.